Creating A New Fitness Lifestyle

What is New Fit Lifestyle?

The thought process behind the name and everything that it stands for comes from a place of frustration. Frustration directed towards the overpopulated fitness and health rhetoric that is seen by all of us on a daily basis. I covered this briefly in my first post of this blog site in which I described how 30 day diets have it wrong. I mainly delved in on that particular subject and merely emphasized the Lifestyle approach. I’ll break it down a little further for you :

What is the Lifestyle Approach?

A large percentage of the population are individuals that hold a typical 9-5 and work in jobs which keep you in sedentary positions. That doesn’t leave much time for a life outside of work much less for 2 hours of working out at the gym and eating healthy every single day. It would leave you even more exhausted because it would be detrimental to your way of life. So you aren’t left with many options – you either give up on your life outside of work, which with a traffic filled commute only leaves you a couple of hours, or you learn to manage everything in a cohesive way. You may be thinking that this sounds a little too good to be true but hear me out.

I used the example of my eating habits in my first post and how I enjoy fulfilling my sweet tooth daily but let me dive in a little deeper here.

You hear advice from experts telling you not to enjoy a full breakfast and instead drink a shake, and to make things worse it’s not even a good tasting shake. They tell you to change the way you snack. That you should eat almonds and berries and all these “healthy” snacks, but they never really explain the nutrition behind all of those options. The companies that are selling you these products merely through around the words “healthy”, “Organic”, and “Natural” and up-selling all the products they want. They sell you on a false dream – a dream that is actually much easier to obtain.

Did you know that a cup of almonds has over 200 calories and 18g of fat. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy something else that is equal to or less than that amount of calories and/or fat content?

Let’s Create a New Way of Doing Things

Macro-nutrient Budgeting – I don’t think I made this term up but it is going to make all the difference. A budget is something we are all pretty familiar with and although it may not be your best friend when it comes to your finances – it should be when it comes to what you eat. The thought process behind the method – which is more of a thought process than anything else – is that you budget out what you are going to eat for the day. The numbers don’t have to be exact but you have to stick to them. Say you have 200g of carbs that you are allocated for the day (if you want to get an estimate of your macros click here) then you will notice that a muffin for example has 70g of carbs. You make the decision to eat it knowing that you will have only 130g left for the day. If you know you have an even or that you are meeting a friend later on in the day then I would advise against eating the muffin because you will be limiting yourself. The different from a diet is that you have all the control and the possibilities are really endless.

You have heard of Intermittent Fasting and have seen results scattered all over the internet regarding the method.  The only thing that these individuals are doing is budgeting there macros – they are eating the same amount of calories but in a shorter time frame. The benefits to this is you trick your mind into thinking you are eating more because in that window of time you are allowed to eat,  you are fitting in a day’s worth of calories.

If you are one of those people that has tried the gym approach and maybe felt that it wasn’t your type of crowd well then find something that interests you and will get you moving. The key is to do something you enjoy and maybe transition into the weight room. There are a ton of classes that you can take that will put you in a group environment – this will help you feel more comfortable and by all means invite your friends along for the ride! You will then have the encouragement from your friends and at the same time you will build on the friendship.

You do not – I repeat – YOU DO NOT want to give up on activities with your friends, on dates, on outings, for the sake of your diet of going to the gym. You have a goal and that goal is important but it is going to be a lonely road if you put everyone else on hold and give up on those relationships.

I will soon be uploading posts on “Dieting While on a date”, “Dieting while going out to drink”, and other things that should make it easier to diet in general – “Dieting on a budget”.

Rant over for now – but in all honesty it is something that should be taught to absolutely everyone to help them live a more enjoyable life where they can look like they aspire to look like and not give up on good times with friends and family. You will have to learn self-control but that is something that can be learned – sometimes the idea that you have to give up something makes you want it even more.

Let’s make this happen!